Forty-two teachers of Little Flower Secondary School, Dadenggre, West Garo Hills, graduated from ‘Teaching for Tomorrow’at a function held in the school premises on Wednesday.

Conducted by AVENUES, Meghalaya-based personal development training social enterprise, the teacher training initiative which was held from Monday to Wednesday aims to equip school teachers with the requisite soft skills and facilitation skills to augment their abilities in providing a learning environment for students that nurtures confidence, wellbeing and aspirations, further empowering teachers to help students navigate the ever-changing landscape of education and careers.

Key modules covered under this initiative include teaching for personal transformation, self-awareness and communication, emotion and inspiration, rapport-building, teamwork and collaboration, and outcome-driven lesson planning.

Among the graduates, Allington M Marak, a class X teacher of the school said, “I admit that I faced some difficulty when it came to helping my students understand and apply the lessons that are taught in class. But through this programme, I was able to acquire new and improved teaching techniques which can be both informative and interactive. I believe these techniques will encourage active classroom participation from students.”

He concluded by calling on the collaborative effort of his colleagues to help their students shape and conquer their future.

Another graduate, Prendid M Sangma, a class IV teacher, said he was inspired by the way trainers delivered each module, adding, “The sessions have taught me how to listen actively and patiently to the problems my students have. Only then will I be able to help answer their queries and work with them towards the best solution. I have decided to employ this teaching method in my classroom, and I am certain that the students will respond with positivity.”

Abhishek Gowda M.J. Sub-Divisional Officer (SDO), Dadenggre sub-division recalled his time as a student and attributed his success in the administrative services to his own teachers who inspired and encouraged him to give his best. He addressed the graduates saying, “As teachers, you must cultivate the desire to learn by seeking knowledge from any and every channel, be it experts or even your students.”

Gowda added, “Teaching is a noble profession. So, enjoy it and keep learning. And remember that as teachers you have the privilege to educate and help shape young minds and future leaders.”

Speaking at the function, principal of the school Fr. Nicholas A Sangma expressed his gratitude towards the SDO for his support in the school’s endeavour to help teachers develop their abilities to positively impact the lives of their students, and said, “The school has welcomed this programme because we believe that learning and relearning core soft skills as educators put us in a better position to guide our students towards their growth and development.”

The principal went on by adding a word of encouragement to the teachers, saying, “Dear teachers, the effort and sacrifice you have made will definitely bear fruit in the coming years.”

Jasmine Stone Laitphlang, academics lead at AVENUES said, “Teaching for Tomorrow’ is not just any project, but an initiative for teachers that helps build their confidence, leadership and purpose. And over the years, we have seen it impact teachers from most parts of the Garo and Khasi Hills. We started this intervention with the idea that as educators, we take what we learn back into our classrooms and to our students.”