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About nine in 10 Indian female blue collar employees are confident they receive equal pay, according to a report on Thursday that revealed increased diversity and equal work culture in organisations.

The report, titled ‘The Pulse of India’s Blue Collar Workforce’ by job site Indeed, showed that 93 per cent of male employees also agree on pay parity by organisations.

Further, 70 per cent of the female employees said they would speak to their boss in the case of disparity in pay with their male counterparts, while 21 per cent said they would leave the job.

“Our data shows that men and women in blue collar are more or less on the same page when it comes to equal pay, importance of equal gender representation and the benefits of it,” said Sanjukta Ghosh, Social Impact Manager, Indeed, in a statement.

A whopping 96 per cent of employees also agree that their company provides additional benefits/support in the form of mental support, financial support, retirement benefits, flexible work etc.

About 97 per cent of employers think that gender equality is important and are doing their best to improve diversity and fair representation in their organisations.

However there are still challenges that prevail. Lack of support systems in place to help women (56 per cent), lack of education about gender equality (53 per cent), and societal views (49 per cent) are the major deterrents to achieving gender equality.

The research included 508 employers and 1,001 employees in the blue collar segment. Out of the 1,001 employees in the blue collar segment, 653 were male and 348 were female. IANS