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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

AICC demands judicial probe into Tripura violence

The Grand Old Party has also appealed to the Director General of Police to expedite the investigation into the incident.


Weeks after violence in Agartala allegedly between Congress and ruling BJP workers, the All India Congress Committee (AICC) has demanded a judicial inquiry by a retired judge of the High Court of Tripura. The Grand Old Party has also appealed to the Director General of Police to expedite the investigation into these incidents.

Ajoy Kumar, AICC In-charge of Tripura, in a letter to Governor Satyadeo Narain Arya said that numerous incidents of politically-motivated violence have been carried out against leaders of the Congress in Tripura over the past few weeks.

“There has arisen a situation that requires immediate intervention on your behalf in order to prevent further instances of aggravated violence across the state which could lead to a complete and total breakdown of the law and order situation. The ruling party in the state assembly, the chief minister and the state police force have all been consistently turning a blind eye to the severe unprovoked attacks by members of the BJP on leaders and members of the Congress”, the letter read.

The AICC leader also said several false FIRs have been registered to shift the blame onto the victims of these incidents and to shield the actual culprits from the eyes of the law.

“There, however, have been no arrests made with respect to FIRs made by Congress and no investigation is being carried out by the Tripura police which is directly being influenced by the office of the Chief Minister. The clear motive is to suppress the incidents and mask the identity of the real propagators of the violence engulfing Tripura at the moment”, he alleged.

He requested the Governor to exercise his constitutional authority and intervene in a timely manner in order to prevent further bloodshed and damage to property which will only burden the exchequer and in turn the taxpayers.

“The situation is only worsening with each passing day and the lack of police action is fueling a fire that threatens to spiral beyond control. Accordingly, we request you to kindly address the Chief Minister and the state government on these concerns and we further request you to use your good offices and insist on a judicial inquiry headed by a retired judge of the High Court of Tripura”, the letter said.

In a separate letter to DGP VS Yadav, the Congress leader urged the top cop to carry out his duty with utmost diligence to bring to book the ones responsible for the bloodshed and damage to property.

He appealed to the DGP to expedite the investigation into these incidents and hoped his subordinates would do so as well.

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