AVENUES launched its ‘Communities for well-being’ initiative, on Tuesday, through team building activities and conversations on well being and mental health, in an event held in the city.

In an effort to promote well being in the society, the initiative seeks to create a model framework of excellence for safe spaces that nurture authentic human conversations around mental health in communities.

In commemoration of its 20th year, the organisation is renewing its commitment to drive maximum human impact, leveraging the World Mental Health Day observance as the premise for driving a human movement for conversations around mental health in communities, starting with its own team. With over 150 individuals employed from the local and tribal communities across its youth engagement and citizen services divisions, AVENUES commenced the day with a morning of team building sessions  and held a panel discussion on the theme ‘Embracing Well-being and Shared Values in Teams.’

Delfi Mawrie, Staff Nurse, Avenues Citizen Services, said, “As nurses, we deal with a high-stress job on a day-today basis but today’s sessions provided that much needed breather and engaging with the rest of the team makes me feel light and rejuvenated.”

Rahul Thapa, AVENUES Business Intelligence Associate, spoke of how the sessions reminded him to take things slow and live in the moment. He said, “There will always be deadlines to meet and targets to reach but days like these are important to remind ourselves why we do what we do and to remember to bring out the child in us sometimes – to embrace the present and stay curious and interested.”