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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Bangladeshi citizens repatriated after serving jail term

Agartala, March 3: In a significant development, nine Bangladeshi citizens, including women and children beside a toddler were repatriated to Bangladesh after serving jail term in Tripura for illegally entering India.

Most of them spent five months in jail followed by one-and-a-half years at the Mahatma Gandhi home, a temporary detention center in Narshinghar.

These individuals had been in India for about two years, initially arrested for illegal entry and seeking job.

Both the countries have a friendly relations and due to that the process has been sorted out within a short time. The Bangladesh Assistant High Commission intervened and immediately the local authorities initiated the repatriation procedures.

The necessary documents for repatriation took about 18 months.

“We are happy because we are returning to our country. Without passport we have entered in India and were caught and after remaining at detention centre today we are going to our country,” said Mohammad Mulla Basha, repatriated Bangladeshi.

Another repatriated Bangladeshi women Umm Khatua expressed her happines after the government have repatriated them to their country.

“For last two years we remained in jail for illegally entering India. We were caught at Dharmanagar area and after that we have spent in detention centre. Due to Bangladesh High Commission’s intervention we are repatriated today,’ Umm Khatua said.

Umar Sharif Console Office Bangladesh Assistant High Commissioner Office in Agartala said, “The repatriation process has been done fastly due to the intervention of the Bangladesh government. Nine Bangladeshi’s were caught for illegally entering India without passport and later a baby was born in India were repatriated,”.

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