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Spruce Up Your Gaming Experience with the Best Gaming Headphones Under 2000

These days, gaming isn’t just a way to kill time for a few hours. It is a thrilling and adventurous experience that demands focus, drive, and passion. And in order to immerse yourself fully into the world of gaming, it is important to harness the power of sound. Whether it is your mobile, PC, PlayStation, or Xbox, sound plays a very important role in gaming. When playing games such as Call of Duty or PUBG, even the smallest of the sounds can ensure your victory on the battlefield. You have to be alerted about gun reload, enemy activities, and so much more, which can only be done if you are aware of the sounds of your surroundings. The entire experience of gaming is brought to life with the happening gaming gadgets that you use, which also include cool gaming headphones.

Gaming headphones are non-negotiable when it comes to enjoying a full gaming experience. However, gaming itself is a pretty expensive affair, don’t you think? Adding another pair of headphones to the budget will only increase the expenses. So, to save yourself some money, here is a list of the best gaming headphones under 2000 that will not only come under your budget but will also ensure that you have an enjoyable gaming experience.

Best Gaming Headphones Under 2000

Here we have compiled a list of the best headphones for gaming that will suit your budget and will help you achieve the true experience of gaming.

EKSA E900 (Flipkart Price- Rs. 2299)

Type: Wired, No RGB, Over-Ear

Frequency: 20 Hz – 20 kHz

Compatibility: TV, PC, Laptop, PlayStation, Xbox

Drivers: 50mm

Weight: 250g

Warranty: 2 Years

A star gaming headphone that is one of the most popular choices would be the ESKA 900 headphone. What can be said about this product? The super-comfortable feeling, the high-tech features, and the indisputable sound quality are all accolades that this headphone definitely deserves. Decked with a stylish look and a comfortable design, ESKA 900 seems to be one of the most popular choices for gamers. And why shouldn’t it be? After all, you are getting a whole lot of amazingness within a budget of just 2000 rupees, right?

It comes with a suitable 50mm speaker with a frequency range between 20Hz and 20Khz which provides the much-appreciated clear sound while gaming. While most headphones under such a small range have music pitch issues and compromised sound quality, these are worries that you can absolutely forget about when you are using these gaming headphone for sure. Providing the perfect balance between bass and music, this product is truly a champion for a fully-thrilling gaming experience. What amazes us about the headphones is that at just 50% of the volume you will be able to understand what a mesmerizing adventure gaming can be. Priced at just Rs. 2299, this headphone is truly a steal.

Redgear Cosmo 7.1 “Gaming Headphone with Mic” (Amazon Price- Rs. 1990.00)

Type: Wired, RGB, Over-ear

Frequency: 20Hz – 20KHz

Compatibility: TV, PC, Laptop, Xbox, Nintendo, PlayStation

Drivers: 50mm

Weight: 600g

Warranty: 1 year

This is your chance to completely immerse yourself into the overall thrill of gaming with the Redgear Cosmo 7.1 gaming headphone. The insane sound frequency makes it the perfect headset for not just gaming but for movies and music as well. The headphones come with a fantastic feature of noise-cancellation. So, you can fully focus on the game without any outside disturbances. Another quality that stands out in the particular set of headphones is the over-the-ear design which offers a more comfortable touch to the headphones. That means you can enjoy gaming for as long as you want without having to worry about discomfort.

Not to mention the amazing RGB Red Lights perched on the earcups that give it a more retro feel. Overall, Redgear Cosmo 7.1 proves to be a great choice for gaming headphones. The comfortable design and amazing sound quality of the headset will offer a fantastic gaming experience and that too with style. Priced at INR 1990 at Amazon, it is a great choice for beginners as well.

Ant Esports H1000 Pro (Price- Rs. 1199)

Type: RGB, Wired, Over-Ear

Frequency: 20 Hz – 20 kHz

Compatibility: TV, PC, Laptop, Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox

Drivers: 50mm

Weight: 350g

Warranty: 1 Year

Our third selection is another gem in the collection of gaming headphones under 2000. This headset has the potential to bring your game to life with powerful sound quality and high-tech audio features. Enrich your gaming ambiance with these comfortable headphones and you will surely not regret the purchase. While providing the most comfortable gaming experience due to the lightweight design and stub microphone option, the Ant Esports headphones also make sure that the sound quality is increased for efficient gaming. Decked with 50mm drivers, the gaming sounds will be larger than life.

Talking about the noise cancellation feature, you can now be aware of every small sound in the game without having to worry about background noises due to this feature. The 3D draping earcups that bring sound insulation are another layer of ‘awesome’ to the already efficient design of this piece. If nothing, you will certainly appreciate the tangle-free broader cable that comes with a USM connector and a 3.5mm audio jack that offers superior compatibility to various consoles, desktops, laptops, tablets, and much more.  Create the best gaming environment around you and that too under a budget with the Ant Esports H1000 Pro.

Cosmic Byte GS430 Gaming Headset with Mic (Amazon Price- Rs. 749)

Type: Wired, RGB, Over-Ear

Frequency: 15Hz – 20KHz

Compatibility: TV, PC, Laptop, Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox

Drivers: 50 mm

Weight: 350g

Warranty: 1 year

Want to experience the true power of 3D gaming sounds? Well, you might want to try out the Cosmic Byte GS430 headphones to do that. An excellent selection for pro-gamers, the Cosmic Byte enhances your gaming experience and takes it to a whole new level with the high-tech features and functionality that it has. Talking about the sound quality, you will be thoroughly impressed with the rich and amazing sound that escapes from the headset. From the click of a gun reload to the super-quiet footsteps of the enemy, nothing will be able to surpass you when you have these bad boys on. With a cleared and more enriched sound quality, you will definitely be able to excel in the gaming world. The quality of sound is as impressive as the price which is less than Rs. 1000! Now that sounds like a pretty good deal, doesn’t it?

The headphones have an ergonomic design that comes with a noise-cancellation feature as well. Hence, you can block all the background noise and completely focus on your gaming all day long without feeling the slightest bit of discomfort. Not to mention that it is one of the best choices under a budget of INR 2000. Available in different colors and designs, you can pick one that suits your aesthetic and enjoy gaming.

Redragon H120 (Amazon Price- Rs. 749)

Type: RGB Light, Wired, Over-Ear

Frequency: 20Hz – 20KHz

Compatibility: TV, PC, Laptop, Xbox, PlayStation

Drivers: 50mm

Weight: 150g

Warranty: 1 Year

Another great example of a budgeted headset possessing a comfortable design and high-end features is the Redragon H120. Equipped with impressive technology and compatibility for different gaming setups, this headset is a popular choice for both beginners and pros alike. The aesthetic appeal of the headset stems from the eye-catching design which depicts the looks of a spider. Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

One of the main worries for a pro-gamer would have to be compatibility. The bigger headset you buy, the less comfortable it will be to don it for a long time. However, this is a problem that you don’t have to worry about when you are trying this amazing headgear. Keeping the comfort level of the gamer in mind, the ear cups have been fitted with soft earpads. With an additional layer of padding on the head, it is surely a more suitable option when compared to other products. Another redeeming quality of the headphones has to be the mesmerizing sound system. The audio quality emanating from the headphones will ensure that your competitive gaming streak isn’t broken at all. Experience what true gaming feels like with Redragon H120.

Final Verdict,

Best Mobile Gaming Headphones Under 2000: Cosmic Byte GS430 Headphone, Redgear Cosmos 7.1 Headphone

Best Gaming Headphones for PUBG Under 2000: Ant Esports H1000 Pro Headset

Best PC Gaming Headphones Under 2000: Ant Esports H1000 Pro Headset, EKSA E900 Headset

For an overall holistic experience of gaming, it is essential that you invest in a good pair of headsets that will take your gaming to a whole new level of excitement. With these models and gaming headsets, you will not only be able to experience the true gaming zeal but you can also save some money in the end. These budget headphones, bar a few hiccups, have the best design and make for an enriched gaming experience. Whether you are a pro or a beginner, these headphones will surely be a great fit for you. Rule the world of gaming with the best gaming headphones under 2000.

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