In a momentous leap forward for rural healthcare, Bethany Hospital Outreach, Nongpoh, has achieved a significant medical breakthrough by successfully conducting the first-ever peritoneal dialysis on a newborn.

Under the care of Dr. D. Ranee, Consultant Paediatrician, the hospital delivered specialized treatment to a newborn baby facing critical health conditions, showcasing the potential for exceptional healthcare services even in rural healthcare settings.

On 30th May, 2023, a newborn was delivered at Civil Hospital, Nongpoh, through an assisted breech delivery.

The baby did not cry after birth, signalling potential complications. The medical team promptly referred the newborn to Bethany Hospital Outreach, Nongpoh, for specialized care and attention.

Upon arrival at the hospital, critical resuscitation measures were initiated to stabilize the baby’s condition.

Initial evaluations revealed that the baby suffered from HIE stage II (Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy) and Acute Kidney Injury. To address the escalating kidney concerns, peritoneal dialysis was considered after counselling the patient’s family about the available treatment options. Peritoneal dialysis, an intricate procedure involving the meticulous removal of waste products and excess fluids from the body, enabled blood purification within the peritoneal cavity.

Peritoneal dialysis was initiated after repeated kidney function tests showed significant elevation. Despite facing the challenge of peritonitis, a serious infection of the peritoneum which the baby subsequently developed, the medical team successfully treated the condition, allowing peritoneal dialysis sessions to continue until the baby’s kidney functions improved. Through dedicated care and treatment, the baby showed remarkable progress, recovered and was eventually discharged on 22nd June, 2023. Check-up review was done after seven days of discharge, and the baby was found to be in excellent health and thriving.

This medical achievement is especially noteworthy, considering the limited resources and challenges associated with healthcare services in rural areas. Bethany Hospitals family extends its appreciation to Dr. D. Ranee and the entire medical team for their expertise and dedication, which contributed to this significant medical success.