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By denying cognisance of corruption, govt acting as accused: Mukul

The Songsak legislator further substantiated his allegation, saying that if the government is not at fault, why isn't it going after the accusers.

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All India Trinamool Congress (AITC) leader Mukul Sangma, on May 28, accused the National People’s Party (NPP)-led Meghalaya Democratic Alliance (MDA) government of “acting as an accused” in the alleged coal scam and instances of irregularities and corruption in the state.

“The government have been acting as an accused. First, it has to take cognisance of instances of irregularities and alleged corruption. By denying to do that and defending themselves, the ruling dispensation is acting as an accused,” he said.

The Songsak legislator further substantiated his allegation, saying that if the government is not at fault, why isn’t it going after the accusers. “If there is no truth in the allegations of irregularities and corruption, the government should legally go hammer and tongs against those who are making the allegation and then take all measures at anything which comes as defamation,” he said.

Training guns at the ruling dispensation, the AITC leader further said that despite “sincere, concerted and sustained” attempts by people from all walks of life to draw the government’s attention towards irregularities and alleged cases of corruption, the government is in a perpetual denial mode.

“The government is trying to be in denial mode. That is a very dangerous trend. The message from concerned people is loud and clear – there must be a collective effort from all political parties to assure the state is free of corruption,” said Sangma.

Referring to the alleged involvement of the ruling dispensation, particularly in facilitating the illegal coal trade in the state, Sangma said the government’s stand of denial against these allegations means that “by default they (government) are telling the people that they are the accused”.

The AITC leader urged the government to put an immediate end to corruption in the state. “It must stop. We want to ensure that. We don’t want our state to be destroyed by the level of corruption that is palpable and visible,” he said.

The leader of opposition also said that if the new NPP office is being constructed without acquiring permission from the Meghalaya Urban Development Agency (MUDA), the government should immediately seal it.

“If no permission was taken, then the government should seal it. Has there been no court order in the past; has there been no instance when such alleged constructions, which did not conform to the overall building bylaws, were sealed? Yes, there have been such instances. Therefore, the same laws should apply to everybody,” he said.

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