Congress MLA Saleng Sangma brushed off claims from the NPP that he poses no threat in the upcoming Lok Sabha election. While the official candidate list from the Congress is pending, reports suggest Sangma is likely to be the MP candidate from the Tura Parliamentary Seat in Meghalaya.

Remaining unfazed, Sangma expressed his belief that the decision ultimately lies with the public. He downplayed the idea of being a threat, asserting that voters determine the outcome. When questioned about election preparations, Sangma suggested that people have been preparing for decades and know better than politicians what kind of leader they want.

Sangma declined to make grand promises, stating that voters have already witnessed the track records of past leaders. He acknowledged that voters are familiar with how leaders have served them in the past and stressed that he would not claim to be a better leader without evidence.

Addressing the issues he plans to focus on, Sangma cited his consistent advocacy for education, health, and certain agricultural sectors. He highlighted his past efforts in raising concerns within the legislative house, including issues affecting teachers.

Regarding the strong influence of Agatha Sangma and her family in Tura, Sangma acknowledged their long-standing presence and resource advantage. He recognised that, ultimately, if the public desires change, they may choose to vote for him or reject him. Sangma refrained from urging people to vote for him, asserting that the decision rests with the voters.

“So, in the end, if the public desires change, they may choose to vote for me, or they may decide otherwise. I will not dictate people’s choices. If they believe PA Sangma’s family is the right choice for them, so be it. On the other hand, if they choose me, I am committed to fighting for them,” stated Sangma.

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