All of us adapt certain coping mechanisms that we turn to when we are at our lowest and most vulnerable.

We adapt certain techniques that help us explore and express the depths of our thoughts and emotions such as art, music or movement. Movement/dance helps a person in dealing with challenges, to cope in a healthy way while enhancing a personā€™s physical, mental and emotional well-being.

As part of the Campus Health Plan, the Centre for Counselling, Office of Dean Students, Martin Luther Christian University organised a Zumba session with Dapalei Warjri, owner and founder of Linna Dance Academy, a certified Zumba fitness instructor and pilates instructor and Ritibaiahunlang Jyrwa, a certified Zumba and yoga instructor, on Thursday at Martin Luther Christian University.

It was a therapeutic session which allowed the students and staff to express themselves through body movement and music in a safe and comfortable space. It was a successful event and many positive feedback was received from those who attended, about how the session was stress relieving, a good break from academics and their everyday activities which was refreshing.

Moreover, the facilitators Dapalei Warjri and Ritibaiahunlang Jyrwa conducted the fun session with a smile on their faces and zest that is refreshing and motivating for all the participants.