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Monday, June 24, 2024

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Monday, June 24, 2024

District Magistrate of South West Garo Hills, Ampati issues order under section 144 CrPC

Ampati, April 16: In light of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections and the imperative to ensure a democratic and fair electoral process, the District Magistrate of South West Garo Hills, Ampati, has issued an order under Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC).

Effective from 4:00 PM on 17th April, 2024, until the conclusion of the polls.

The following restrictions are in place:

Prohibition of Public Meetings and Processions: Individuals are prohibited from convening, holding, attending, joining, or addressing any public meeting or procession related to the election.
Restriction on Presence of Non-Constituency Political Functionaries: Political functionaries, party workers, and campaign personnel brought from outside the constituency, who are not voters of the constituency, must leave immediately after the campaign period ends. Exceptions apply to office bearers of political parties in charge of state headquarters during General Elections to the Lok Sabha.
Accommodation Restrictions: Outsiders are barred from being accommodated in Kalyan Mandapams, community halls, etc., where people are lodged.
Prohibition on Loudspeakers: The use of loudspeakers is prohibited during the 48-hour period leading up to the closing time of the polls.
Ban on Exit Polls: Exit polls are prohibited from the start of polling on the first day until 30 minutes after the end of polling on the last day.
Restriction on Publication of Opinion Poll Results: Results of any opinion polls conducted are not to be published, publicized, or disseminated in any manner within the 48 hours leading up to the conclusion of polling.
This order does not apply to Returning Officers, Assistant Returning Officers, Zonal Magistrates, Sector Magistrates, and all those on election duty, including armed forces personnel, paramilitary personnel, and other law enforcement agencies on lawful duty/deployment.
The order extends to the entire South West Garo Hills District and is effective from 4:00 PM on 17th April, 2024, until the completion of the poll process.
Given the urgency of the situation, this order has been passed ex-parte as the circumstances do not allow for the service of notice in due time.

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