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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

ENPO decides to abstain from participating upcoming Lok Sabha polls

Kohima, April 1: The Eastern Nagaland People’s Organisation (ENPO), an apex organisation of Naga people has decided to abstain from participating in the ensuing Lok Sabha election against the failure of Central government to settle the creation of Frontier Nagaland territory.

The ENPO on Monday sent a letter to Election Comission of India (ECI) conveying their decision to abstain from participating in the Lok Sabha election.

“We humbly and respectfully beg to inform you that, people of Eastern Nagaland in the State of Nagaland under the aegis of Eastern Nagaland People’s Organization had on 19th March, 2024 reaffirmed its commitment to the “Chenmoho Resolution”, wherein it was further reaffirmed and resolved not to participate in any Central and State elections against the failure to settle the creation of Frontier Nagaland Territory as offered and assured by the MHA on 7th December, 2023, i.e., to be settled before the announcement of MCC to the Lok Sabha 2024 by the Election Commission of India,” the ENPO stated in the letter.

It further added, “Despite numerous reminders through letters and mass public rallies, the MHA ignored the demand and finally MCC was announced by the ECI – which is why, the Eastern Nagaland populace feels compelled to take this action as a means of expressing our collective discontentment,”.

“It is imperative to underscore that the decision to abstain from participating in any Central and State electoral process is not taken lightly. It reflects the sentiments and aspirations of the Eastern Nagaland people who have tirelessly advocated for our rights and aspirations within the framework of democratic governance. The “Chenmoho Resolution” represents a unanimous consensus among the Eastern Nagaland populace, and we reiterate our absolute, unconditional, unwavering commitment to uphold it,” the ENPO said.

The ENPO stated, “We would like to emphasize that this decision is not intended as an act of defiance against the electoral machinery or the principles of democracy. Rather, it is a principled stance taken within the framework of the “Constitution of India” aimed at drawing attention to the legitimate grievances and aspirations of the Eastern Nagaland people. We remain hopeful that the Government of India will heed to our concerns and take concrete steps towards addressing the longstanding issue of the Frontier Nagaland Territory. In light of the above, we kindly request the Election Commissioner of India through the State Chief Electoral Officer, State of Nagaland to take note of our decision and make necessary arrangements to accommodate our abstention from the upcoming Lok Sabha elections,”.

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