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Entrepreneurship camp organised at NEHU campus

The course was inaugurated on April 20 by Prof. Iftekhar Hussain, Dean, School of Technology, NEHU, who presided as a chief guest.


The Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp (EAC) sponsored by the National Science &  Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB), and the Department of Science and Technology (DST), got underway at the NEHU campus.

The course was inaugurated on April 20 by Prof. Iftekhar Hussain, Dean, School of Technology, NEHU, who presided as a chief guest; Dr. Nilesh Trivedi, Assistant Director, Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME), Tura, who was guest of honor; Dr P Khongji, Head, BSSS, NEHU; and Drs Dinesh Bhatia and Punit Gautam, Course Co-coordinators.

During the welcome speech, Bhatia outlined the objectives of organising the awareness camp for young entrepreneurs and how it would benefit society in the long run.

He highlighted the available opportunities and challenges for young entrepreneurs who wish to venture into the field of start-ups and innovations, especially when India has recently become the world’s most populous country overtaking China.

Trivedi highlighted the role of MSME and the Government of India in promoting entrepreneurship and innovation and the different funding opportunities available in supporting such initiatives.

Hussain highlighted the role of start-ups and entrepreneurs and how they can shape the country in the near future. He promoted the idea to have data centres and suitable market opportunities in the NorthEast so that young individuals may benefit and may reach their potential.

He highlighted the need to keep abreast with recent technological trends where such courses play a pivotal role and help connect people with rapidly changing developments.

Dr. Sudip Paul, teacher-in-charge, the BME department, highlighted the role of technology and how it could be employed to meet the needs of industry and self-sustain the technological advancements.

The course is being organised by the Department of Biomedical Engineering, NEHU, sponsored by the Entrepreneurship Development Institute, Ahmedabad, from April 20 to April 22.

More than 75 students from different backgrounds are attending this three-day camp. The experts from industry and academia deliberated with the participants to make them aware of entrepreneurship, start-up, innovation, marketing an idea, and the generation of resources for product commercialization.

This is the second EAC camp being organised after the last camp was organised in March.

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