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Explore French Colony Pondicherry

Better known as the French capital of the country, Pondicherry or Pudducherry carries the legacy of French culture. The place has two hundred years of French influence; thus, the artsy french culture flows on the roads of Pondicherry. Let’s look at some wonderful places to visit in french colony Pondicherry.

Explore French Colony pondicherry
Source: Pexels

The union territory, surrounded by the state of Tamil Nadu, is home to various French and Indian citizens. Located on the Coast of the Bay of Bengal, Pondicherry became the official part of India in 1954; at that time, the residents were given a choice between French and Indian citizenship. Consequently, many French people stayed in Pondicherry.

Following the dynamic culture, several Tamilians living in Pondicherry also speak french and vice versa. So, if you are someone who is thrilled to see the Sangam of two drastically different cultures, Pondy is the place to be at. And If you’re looking for places to visit in french colony pondicherry, we’ve got you covered!

India is famous for its diversity and the dynamics of culture and art it offers. However, destinations such as Pondicherry tops the list for being the most wholesome yet different tourist destinations. Apart from the magnificent french culture, Pondicherry has some of the most astonishing beaches and the artsiest cafes. 

So, if you are someone who wants to explore differently this time and can’t afford to make an international trip yet, Pondicherry is the place for you. The French architecture, local markets, cafes that serve the best honey wine, and clean beaches will take your breath away.

French colony of pondicherry
Source: Pexels

Most people are crazy after the French colony of Pondicherry. It may be only 10% of what Pondicherry offers to travelers in its entirety; however, this 10% may give you the feeling that you have landed in a different country entirely.

Heading to Pondicherry? –  Places to Visit in French Colony Pondicherry

Auroville, the spirituality and peace hub of Pondicherry

Auroville is a unique place, created with the idea that people from all over the world from different cultures and traditions live in the town peacefully. It’s an experimentation of how real peace would feel in diversity. There is Matrimandir in the city, which is also known as the “temple of the mother”. The place is known for spiritual enlightenment. The ashram is located right at the heart of the French quarter. Additionally, several architects from around the world come to see the architecture of the ashram.  Thus, if you are looking to explore the French colonies of Pondicherry, Auroville is the place to start a beautiful journey. 

Basilica of the Sacred Heart of the Jesus

The church is an excellent example of the existence of gothic architecture in the French colony of Pondicherry. It is located on the south boulevard. Traditions are an intrinsic part of Pondicherry; this church is around 100 years old. Additionally, the glass panels showcase the stories based on Jesus Christ’s life events. Presently, twenty parish priests lead the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of the Jesus church. Pondicherry has a significant number of Christians; thus, the importance of the church is high among the natives. Thus, if you want to explore and experience the real essence of Pondicherry and its French colony, the church is a must-visit. 

The White Town

The white town was made to dedicate for the white people living in Pondicherry when the French ruled the place. Now, the site offers a great deal of European architecture and cafes that serve delicious English food. Most walls seen in the White Town are white and yellow, thus giving the destination a clean, dreamy outlook. White Town is also famous for some of the greatest French restaurants. White Town is also a great place for spending nights here. Travelers can experience the real essence of the French colony of Pondicherry while visiting the White Town. 

The White Town of French colony pondicherry
Source: Pixabay

Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden was established in the French colony Pondicherry in 1856, thus making it one of the oldest places built amid the French domination that is still intact and surviving to the best. It is spread across 22 acres and is a great picnic spot for tourists and the natives. The most astonishing aspect of the Botanical Garden is that there are twenty-eight plots here, and each is themed differently. So, once you enter, you will explore exotic plants and flowers that you would have never seen before. 

Rock Beach

Rock Beach is probably the most famous beach in Pondicherry. It is also very famous. After all, it offers an extremely serene walk because it is officially a no-vehicle zone after 6 pm. So, after a long day of travel and work, people can simply come here and relax. The beach is easily accessible, and the most interesting aspect is that it stretches for around 1.2 km, so one end gets you to the War Memorial, and the other end will get you to the Dupleix Park on Goubert Avenue. Additionally, there is a black statue of Mahatma Gandhi in the middle of this stretch, and most cultural activities are organized around this statue throughout the year. So, if you are lucky enough, you may experience some regional festivals taking place around this region. 

Street shopping

No travel is complete until you have explored the local street markets. Pondicherry has a diverse street market offering everything from clothes to accessories, some regionally made. The most famous items that most people buy from these markets are essential oils, incense sticks, and fragrant candles. However, you should know efficient bargaining skills to win the best deals while purchasing in the street market.

pondicherry french colony
Source: Pixabay

Local delicacies

How can your experience of the French colony Pondicherry be completed if you haven’t tasted the delicacies there? Pondicherry is also known as the capital town for food and wine. So, try all the french and other cuisines while you are on the journey of relishing the flavor of french civilization in Pondicherry. Additionally, to have the most authentic French food, you must visit Café des Arts. If you are a non-vegetarian food fan, you must go to Carte Blanche. If you are a pizza lover, then Tanto Pizzeria is your place. Now, let’s look at desserts – so, for desserts, you can visit Goubert Avenue. Apart from these, there are n number of restaurants and cafes for continentals, Indian and other cuisines. So, explore different cuisines for different meals and relish your taste buds with some of the greatest food. 

Exploring the French colony Pondicherry is a dream for most Indian tourists, especially North Indians. One doesn’t get to see such dynamic architecture and different cultures, all in harmony in a single township. So, if you are planning to embark on this journey, you need to prep yourself for the adventure.

Tips for tourists visiting French colony Pondicherry

How to reach Pondicherry: Travellers should know that there are no direct flights to Pondicherry. So, if you are planning to travel by air, you should get a flight to Chennai, Bangalore or Hyderabad and get a taxi from there. 

Language won’t be a problem: People may assume that language may become a barrier once they are in Pondicherry. However, that’s not the case. The language orientation in Pondicherry is diverse. Locals there speak French, Tamil, Telugu, and English. 

Bookings in advance: Pondicherry is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country; thus, you should better make your bookings prior. Going spontaneous has its fun; however, it is better to book in advance, especially if you are going during the peak travel time. 

The best time to visit: Most of South India is comparatively humid during summers. Thus, the most advisable time to visit Pondicherry will be from monsoon till winter. Between November and March is generally considered the best time to visit Pondicherry. 

places to visit in french colony pondicherry
Source: Pixabay

Rent out a bike and do not depend on the local transport: People who travel often know that renting a vehicle is always the most efficient way of commuting. The autorickshaw or the cab drivers may take advantage of the tourists’ not knowing the local areas; thus, they demand hefty charges. So, get a bike for rent. The rent is usually around 400-500 rupees for one day. 

Book accommodation near White Town: Once you are in Pondicherry, you will realize that every spot has its distinctive beauty. Thus, exploring to the utmost capacity becomes essential. And, exploring most places would be convenient if you have accommodation near White Town because most sites are in that vicinity so it would be convenient because you would be spending less time traveling and more in exploring. 

Always carry some cash: Many cafes in Pondicherry do not accept UPI transfers, and many shopkeepers in the street market may only accept cash payments. Thus, you better carry some cash to save yourself from looking for ATMs in the middle of the day; you better have some cash. 

Wrapping up

You are all set to explore the French Colony Pondicherry with all the precautions and planning. The place will fill your heart with love, warmth, and creativity. Many artists stay here for a longer duration to rejuvenate their artistic callings. It’s an area known for its cultural heritage and spirituality. Additionally, the variety of cuisines and wines is just the cherry on the cake. The French colony of Pondicherry is after all, the best place to be. So what are you waiting for?

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