Farmers’ World Cup 2022

Staff Reporter


West Garo Hills team defeated Marngar II FC 1-0 in the finals of the women’s football match of the Farmers’ World Cup 2022 played at Marngar Stadium in Ri Bhoi district, on Saturday.

Amidst light showers and on slippery ground, the match went on to become a very competitive one, with both teams displaying their best skills in an attempt to overcome one another, however, at the end of the first half, the score remained nil for both teams.

West Garo Hills team celebrating their win against Marngar II FC

However, in the second half, the West Garo hills team managed to score a goal, which became the deciding factor and made West Garo hills champions in the women’s category in Farmers’ World Cup 2022.

In the Men’s category, it was equally a competitive match between East Garo Hills and Marngar II as both tried their best to become winners.

While the first quarter saw an edge-of-the-seat action, the second quarter stayed no different.

The host team managed to find the net in quick succession to push the opponent to the backfoot, East Garo Hills then tried their best to make an inroad into the game but, the host team defence stayed up to their task and Marngar boys soon netted their third goal at the last quarter of the match to seal the game in their favour with the score of 3-0.

And thus Marngar went on to become champions of Farmers’ World Cup 2022.

The tournament aimed at providing a platform to unearth the next national sports star and facilitate the development of the allied sports ecosystem.

The objective of this sporting event was to utilise sports as a community glue and platform for instigating positive change, encourage youth to engage in physical activity to reduce screen time and turning to malpractices, inspire local youth to be “changemakers” within their community, and inspire other communities to adopt similar initiatives to foster community and youth development.

The tournament would be held annually and different venues would be selected to  host the event each time and it may also differ based on local preferences.