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Saturday, September 23, 2023

Finely Pariat appointed as Indian team Manager for Asian U-20 Athletics Championship


Finely Pariat, the General Secretary of Meghalaya Olympic Association and Meghalaya Athletics Association, has been chosen as the Manager of the Indian team for the upcoming Asian U-20 Athletics Championship. This event is set to take place in South Korea from June 4 to June 7, 2023. Pariat’s selection is also notable as he is the first representative from Athletics to be given this opportunity.

The Athletics Federation of India (AFI) made the announcement recently, and Pariat expressed his gratitude to the organization for entrusting him with this important role. In his new position, Pariat will be responsible for managing and leading the Indian team as they compete in this highly-anticipated international event.

The Asian U-20 Athletics Championship is a large-scale international competition that involves around 1,500 athletes and executives from 45 countries in Asia. The event is hosted by the Asian Athletics Association (AAA) and has been held in various locations across Asia since its inception in 1973.

This year’s edition of the championship will be held in Yecheon-gun, South Korea, marking the first time that the event will be hosted in the country. As the Manager of the Indian team, Pariat will have an important role to play in ensuring that the athletes are well-prepared for this prestigious competition.

Pariat is no stranger to the world of athletics, having served as the General Secretary of both the Meghalaya Olympic Association and Meghalaya Athletics Association. He has been actively involved in promoting sports and athletics in Meghalaya and has played an instrumental role in organizing various sports events and competitions in the region.

With Pariat’s wealth of experience and expertise in athletics, the AFI is confident that he will be able to lead the Indian team to success at the Asian U-20 Athletics Championship. This event will provide an excellent platform for young athletes to showcase their skills and compete against some of the best athletes in Asia.

Overall, Pariat’s appointment as the Manager of the Indian team is a positive development for Indian athletics, and it is hoped that his leadership will inspire and motivate the athletes to perform at their best in the upcoming championship.

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