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The Federation of Khasi Jaintia Garo People (FKJGP) Shillong on September 26 said that they are going to hold a public rally from Motphran to Malki for the unemployed youth in the state. The rally will be held on the 21st of October.

In the press briefing, President of central body FKJGP Dundee Khongsit said, “There are more than one lakh unemployed youths in the state as per employment exchange data. We have repeatedly witnessed educated people have come to meet the organisation regarding the issue of employment. We condemn the state government who has failed to take any conclusive action owing to providing employment opportunities for the youth.”

He further stated that the issue of unemployment is only discussed in the assembly sessions. The opposition has brought up the issue while the government’s only stance was mentioning the number of vacant posts.

Therefore, the organisation along with the unemployed youth who have been a victim of joblessness because of the government turning a deaf ear, will conduct a public rally on October 21, 2022. This rally will help the voice of the youth to reach the present and future government.

FKJGP further mentioned as a result of unemployed youth, there will be an increase in crime and substance abuse.

Khongsit also asked that the government should provide data on the benefits it has gotten from hiring consultants in various departments from outside the state. He added that the government has spent crores of rupees on these expert consultants but there is no result.

“We issue a strong warning to private companies in response to the complaint of harassment of Khasi women by officers, and if such a situation arises again, we will not hesitate to take the law into our own hands.” Khongsit added.

The FKJGP urged the government to set up more investment and Prime Minister Employment Generation Programme (PMEGP) schemes in the state to provide more opportunities for the youth.

“The govt blames the recruitment agencies but it is the ineffectiveness on the part of the government. And If they don’t fulfill their responsibilities, then action will be taken by the organisation as our youth are losing their opportunities.” he asserted.

The FKJGP gave suggestions on transparency, stating that they should show the applicant’s test papers, and include a live interview camera for applicants in order for the process to be indisputable. They also demand the govt to provide regular employment opportunities and to do away with contractual basis.