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Saturday, December 3, 2022

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Saturday, December 3, 2022

Free and Frank with Bah Loniak ft Marcuise N Marak || Episode 10


It’s Thursday and every passing minute is only adding to our excitement. Reason? We can’t wait to air the 10th episode of your favourite online show – Free and Frank with Bah Loniak! Yes, tomorrow is Friday and just like the previous nine ones, The Meghalayan’s Editor Loniak Marbaniang will have yet another guest on the popular talk show – seasoned politician, Marcuise N Marak.

While answering Bah Loniak’s “frank” questions, Marak not only referred to songs to substantiate one of his points but also went out of his comfort zone to explain a few. Check out the interview to know Marak if you have not known the politician before. We go on air only on The Meghayalan’s YouTube channel – The Meghalayan – at 7 pm. Happy watching!

Watch the full video on our YouTube Channel – The Meghalayan.

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