Gauhati University has taken a significant step to support female students’ menstrual health by allowing them menstrual leaves and offering attendance relaxation for exams, according to officials on Saturday.

In recognition of the crucial role menstrual health plays in women’s overall well-being, the university has eased the minimum class attendance requirement for female students by 2 per cent. This decision, effective immediately, aligns with the guidelines released earlier this year by the Union Ministries of Women and Child Development and Education.

Under the new policy, female students are granted a menstrual leave provision, allowing a relaxation of the minimum class attendance requirement by 2 per cent, enabling them to take exams at the end of the semester. The official notification specifies that female students must maintain a minimum of 73 per cent attendance to be eligible for exams.

A senior official highlighted that Gauhati University’s move reflects a broader understanding of menstrual health as a vital component of overall well-being, influencing various aspects of life, such as mobility, employment, education access, dignity, and freedom.

Through this forward-looking policy, the university aims to address and acknowledge the specific challenges faced by female students during their menstrual periods. Gauhati University, established in 1948, is a leading institution in northeast India, renowned for its academic programs and excellence.