I would like to bring to your attention an issue that has been pestering not only me and the people of my area but of multiple localities in Shillong.

Imagine one morning you are on your way to work and you see the road that had been left unattended for years has finally been repaired and beautified, which gives you a sense of satisfaction as you continue on your way. Next morning you take the same route and see that the beautified road has again been broken and dug to put in water pipes, or fibre cables and though a little disturbed by the sight, you think very little of it as you are sure that it would be fixed in no time. However, to your disappointment, the road remains unattended for days as you continue to tread on that road. This is the story of almost every small or big locality in Shillong. The roads are dug up quickly, but the same swiftness is not seen while filling it up, and as we know it is neither smart nor feasible to assume that they could be left in that condition until our official monsoon because there is no such thing for Shillong: it is pouring here all the time, making commuting through the road very inconvenient.

Therefore, through this letter, I would request the concerned authorities to look into the matter and resolve the issue at the earliest.

Aadrita Chakravorty, Shillong