The Hynniewtrep Youth Council Ribhoi Sepngi honoured football player Stephan Ranee for his participation in the 5th Meghalaya game held recently in Tura.

The ceremony took place at Dorbar Hall Patharkhmah, where he was recognised by the President of Ribhoi district, RC Thangkhiew, in the presence of village Sordar Petalman Thangkhiew, Secretary of Patharkhmah village Sintalis Sankli, and President Youth Club Remington Syngkli.

The organisation takes pride in Stephan Ranee’s achievements and wishes him continued success in his football career. HYC Ribhoi Sepngi extends gratitude to RBDSA and President RB Shadap for providing the opportunity for this youth to represent Ribhoi District in the 5th Meghalaya game.

Additionally, they acknowledge the Coach and staff of RBDSA, expressing hope for the discovery of more talented players that will bring recognition to Ribhoi district in the future.