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IIT holds meeting with govt departments for joint collaboration in various fields


The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Guwahati, on February 22, held a meeting with government officials from various departments to prepare the future course of action, including collaboration in various fields related to the development of the region.

“At the request of the state government. IIT Guwahati will gladly contribute to different sectors, apart from the exploration of mines and minerals. These are commerce and entrepreneurship development, use of drones, tea industry, transport and skill development, and establishment of various centres of excellence and state-of-the-art laboratories at the institute,” IIT Guwahati director RG Sitharam said.

He said that it is with this vision that the institute has decided to open a mining department to train young students and involve seasoned professionals in developing a research-based curriculum, along with the technical guidance to harness the abundant natural resources, spread across Assam and the Northeast region.

Echoing Sitharam, Dwivedi highlighted the importance of setting up the school of mines at IIT Guwahati and centres of excellence in areas of inland waterways and promoting different aspects of Assamese culture like Assamese traditional jewellery making, and skill training for entrepreneurship, among others.

The government delegation was led by the principal secretary of industries and commerce & public enterprises department, KK Dwivedi, and included officials from various departments such as mand minerals, industry, commerce, to name a few, while the team from IIT was led by Guwahati director, RG Sitharam.

Besides joint collaboration, the government also sought the help of IIT in setting up of the Assam Skill University.

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