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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Illegal construction


Despite complaints made and matter highlighted several times to the authorities, illegal construction of structures at the municipal compound at Goralane, Laitumkhrah continues unabatedly without remorse and in violation of all relevant laws of the land.

This issue was last year flagged by this writer, but the authorities seem to have lent a deaf ear to all complaints and illegal construction is carried on blatantly without respect shown to building byelaws as prescribed by the urban body. Even though in February last year, notices were served by the CEO, Shillong Municipal Board (SMB), to those who were illegally constructing structures on the said land, which belongs to the civic body itself, no action was seen to have been taken and the buildings that were termed as unauthorised by the office of MUDA now stand completed and are fully occupied by residents whose whereabouts seem to be unknown.

In February this year a complaint was also made to the Deputy Commissioner, East Khasi Hills on the rampant dumping of garbage at the Wah Thangsniang stream, which is a tributary of Wah Umkhrah, but till the time of writing this no action has been taken to control direct dumping of solid waste from the municipal compound to the stream thereby adding to the garbage input at Wah Umkhrah.

It is also learnt that most of the dwelling units inside the municipal compound are being offered as rented accommodation and the occupants of these illegally constructed units park their vehicles on the Umpling road which causes traffic inconvenience to commuters, especially during school and office hours. Non-action on the part of authorities has also given rise to anti-social activities such as drug peddling and the surrounding areas have seen increase in theft cases since the antecedents of those residing at the municipal compound are unknown except for the employees and their families, who work at the Shillong Municipal Board. It is for the district administration and the SMB to work together to prevent the municipal compound at Laitumkhrah from turning into another Them Mawlong.

Wankitbok Pohshna

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