UDP leader Jemino Mawtoh


There is a need to understand the possible threat to secularism, minority rights and religion with the implementation of Uniform Civil Code (UCC), said United Democratic Party (UDP) general secretary Jemino Mawthoh on June 1.

Stating that the uniform civil code (UCC) is a contentious issue, the UDP leader stressed on the importance of deliberating on its pros and cons.

“We are yet to understand as to how it is going to apply especially to ethnic minorities in the context of the tribal communities of the North East,” he said.

The UDP will soon be submitting its views on the implementation of the UCC to the Law Commission.

“We are finalising our views on the UCC since the Law Commission is asking for views and suggestions from individuals and stakeholders across the country,” Mawthoh said.

He said that the last date for submission of views has been fixed on July 14.

Mawthoh also said the party will make a stand on UCC soon as party members are sitting together and discussing the issue.

In order to create awareness on the issue, the UDP state youth wing will also be organising an inter-college debate competition on the UCC at the party office on July 12.

“We are going to discuss the UCC as we want to sensitise the youth community and also create awareness amongst the society as a whole as it is important to know, debate and deliberate,” Mawthoh said.

The Law Commission had on June 14 invited views from all stakeholders, including people and recognised religious organisations, on the politically sensitive issue.

So far, the Law Commission has received 8.5 lakh responses from stakeholders on UCC.

A uniform civil code (UCC) typically means having a common law for all citizens of the country that is not based on religion.

Personal laws and laws related to inheritance, adoption and succession are likely to be covered by a common code.

Implementation of a UCC has been part of BJP election manifestos.

Uttarakhand is already in the process of framing its common code. The BJP had also promised a UCC in Karnataka ahead of the recent assembly elections.