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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Insta-worthy, Insta-security: Tips for Digital Well-Being

With an estimated two billion active users, Instagram has grown to be an enticing target for any hacker, and as scary as it may sound, over the past few months, many users have complained about their accounts getting hacked.

We all know not to click on links sent by people we don’t know on social media but what about a link direct messaged by a friend or a known individual? Well, that is exactly how many users have lost access to their accounts.

According to reports, there is a fraud active on Instagram where posts from your own friends’ or followers’ handles will read: “Thanks to XXX, I put only $5 and gained $100. For financial guidance, follow XXX. Cryptomining is enjoyable.” along with a screenshot of the actual bank statements like $100 credited in their account.

Please be aware that the individual who posted this type of post had their Instagram account hacked by the hacker, and that it is the same person who is tagged as a trade or financial advisor.

So, if you happen to fall prey to such messages, you run the risk of alienating your audience because several hackers take advantage of this photo-sharing platform to con other Instagram users. Therefore, it is essential to proactively safeguard your account and be prepared to act fast if hackers manage to get past your protections.

You can check your email that you had used to create your Instagram account first. Keep an eye out for email from [email protected] which will notify you if someone logged into the account. Click on Revert This Change” in the notification. If this does not work, either click on “get help logging in” or “Forgot password” and follow the directions. As a final resort, you can click on “Send security code” after selecting the “Need more help?” option on the Instagram app. Instagram will request a video selfie from you in order to verify your identity before providing any more assistance. Typically, the evaluation procedure takes up to two business days. If the review goes well, you’ll get a link to change your password.

With regard to account recovery, it is true that it is a major nuisance. As a result, it’s critical that you create a strong password right away, enable two-factor authentication, keep an eye on any third-party apps that are linked to your account, and—most importantly—learn how to recognise phishing emails. Keep in mind that, unless one wins the lottery, nobody ever becomes a millionaire in a single day. So, be careful and have fun using Instagram!

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