Abhishek Banerjee addressing a public gathering at Ampati on Thursday


TMC National General Secretary Abhishek Banerjee, on February 16, hit out at the NPP-led MDA government for allegedly betraying the trust of the people of Meghalaya and dragging the state through the mud.

Addressing a public gathering at Ampati, Banerjee said that this election, voting for the twin flowers of TMC doesn’t only mean uprooting the NPP but to teach them a lesson.

“This is not just an election to vote or to elect but to punish the corrupt NPP government who has played and betrayed the love and trust of the people,” he said.

Countering attacks on the TMC’s MYE Card and WE Card, Banerjee said the fact that lakhs of people have registered for these card is a reflection of the cry for help and the failure of the incumbent government to address the problems of the people of the state.

“Conrad Sangma claims that Meghalaya has the lowest unemployment rate but you should see the facts on the ground. TMC launched the MYE Card, more than 4 lakh youths registered. This is testament to the fact that unemployment is highest in the state,” he said.

Stating that citizens of the state have now lived as residents of other states, the TMC leader trained his guns at Chief Minister Conrad Sangma, stating that, “In the last five years, Meghalaya has seen a CM who does not have the courage and spine to stand for his own people and to complaint against the anti-people policies of the BJP. TMC is the only party that is taking the BJP head on.”

Furthermore, he said that within one month of forming the government – by April 2, the TMC will ensure that every woman gets Rs 1000 per month by Direct Benefit Transfer and Rs 12000 annually.

“You don’t have to beg in front of anyone. We are not doing you a favour by giving you Rs 1000. This is your right,” he said.