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Friday, May 24, 2024

J-Sol’s groovy melody: Sips of music, fills cups with love


…Following the rehearsal, J-Sol promptly set down his cup on the table, casually asking the waiter if it could be refilled with warm water. He then eased into a comfortable seat for a candid and open-hearted conversation.

Chatting about his trip to India, he spilled, “It’s been amazing. The trip was quite long with a few delays, stretching it to 30 hours instead of the intended 16. But, truth be told, I’ve had a great time so far.”

The weariness from the extended journey took a backseat as he focused on the positives. “The people are nice; the food is incredible. So I don’t know what else I can ask for,” he added.

J-Sol then went on to open up about an unexpected journey that led him to say “yes” to performance in India. “A few weeks back, one of my keyboardists had a gig in India. I remember telling him, ‘I’ve never been to India before.’ Then, out of the blue, about two weeks later on my birthday, my agent called me. He said, ‘There’s this incredible opportunity that’s just come up.’ Without hesitation, I was all in. I thought, ‘I want to do it. I’d love to do it.’”

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