The Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC) and Tripura Tribal Areas Autonomous District Council (TTAADC) have resolved to bring together all the autonomous district councils (ADCs) of North East India under one umbrella and strengthen the demand for giving special protection to the indigenous people of the region.

This resolution was adopted during a deliberation on the issue between the two autonomous district councils in a meeting held at Khumulwng, the headquarter of TTAADC, on April 26.

During the deliberations the KHADC was led by its Chief Executive Member (CEM) Titosstarwell Chyne and Executive Members Martle N Mukhim, Grace Mary Kharpuri, Teiborlang Pathaw, Mitchell Wankhar, Rangkynsai Kharbuki along with the officers of the council.

The TTAADC was represented by Purna Chandra Jamatia, CEM, Kamal Kalai, Executive Member, Chandra Kumar Jamatia, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Captain GS Rathee, Adviser, Shankar Debnath, Additional CEO and Budhilian Hrangkhawl, Deputy CEO.

Later in the evening a cultural programme was held at TTAADC Park.

At this programme The Indigenous Progressive Regional Alliance (TIPRA) MLAs consisting of leader of opposition in the Tripura Assembly Animesh Debbarman, the CEM of TTAADC and Executive Members were present.

Bijoy Kumar Hrangkhawl, president of TIPRA, while speaking at the function said that it was (L) Professor GG Swell who ensured Sixth Schedule in Tripura to protect the indigenous people in that state while stating that there are forces who wanted to do away with it.

Chyne said that the indigenous people not only of Tripura but in Meghalaya too were affected due to interference by outside forces.

According to the CEM, it was the need of the hour to make laws which will give special recognition to land rights, culture and traditions and also power to enforce the judiciary system.

He also said that the proposal of the Centre to make amendments to the Sixth Schedule should be thoroughly debated.

Kamal Kalai, Executive Member of TTAADC, informed that the Tripura council got many suggestions on the issue of land rights from the KHADC.

Kalai also informed that the TTAADC would install a statue of (L) JJM Nichols Roy who was responsible for creating the Sixth Schedule of the Constitution of India.

In the Constituent Assembly it was Roy who spearheaded the demand for autonomous governance in the tribal regions.