The Khun Hynniewtrep National Awakening Movement (KHNAM), on July 10, requested the Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma for an appointment to discuss various issues including the inner line permit, boundary dispute and others.

In a letter to Sangma, KHNAM general secretary James M.A Neng said the party had on several occasions sought appointment but there was no response from the CM’s office.

“We again would request for an appointment with you at any appropriate time and date,” he said.

The party also seek to discuss inclusion of Khasi language in the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution, railway connectivity and its impact on the Hynniewtrep people, uniform civil code (UCC), interstate cadre system, corrupt employment system, power supply, eradication of personal interview, reservation policy and VIP/VVIP culture in Meghalaya.

“In the past we have seen that there is a trend, wherein, appointment with the Chief Minister could be achieved only through nepotism and through well connected people close to the Chief Minister himself.  We believe that to the best of public interest, Government is the best platform to address issues of public importance therefore; we would anxiously await reply/response/alternate solution from your office on the subject cited above,” Neng stated in the letter.