Jeevan Singha Koch


Putting an end to all speculations, Assam chief minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on January 21 clarified that Kamatapur Liberation Organisation (KLO) supremo Jeevan Singha Koch is now a guest of the Assam government.

There were media reports that Koch has surrendered before the troops of Assam Rifles in Nagaland from where he was taken to New Delhi for talks

“He is now a guest of the Assam government. He has come here to join the peace talks with the Centre. He will place his charter of demands before the Centre after which talks will start. Finally, an agreement will be signed,” Sarma said addressing a press conference here.

“But there is some false propaganda in a section of the newspaper on Kamatapur statehood. I do not know why the media is dragging the issue of Kamatapur. But in reality, no talks have been initiated with KLO on Kamatapur statehood,” Sarma said.

“We do not want to create turmoil in Assam with this Kamatapur issue. Why do we want to create turmoil in Assam No body discusses the issue of Kamatapur,” Sarma also said.

Following media reports, various groups, including Rabhas and Bodos started stating their stand on the Kamatapur state. It is not a good sign,” the chief minister said.

“I am not part of the talk between KLO and the Central government. But nobody has mentioned the Kamatapur to me. Even our chief secretary also informed me that there was no reference on Kamatapur min any representation,” the chief minister also said.

Referring to KKLO’s statement on the Central government’s stand on Kamatapur state, the chief minister said” “Why do you give priority to KLO? You should give priority to the stand of the government only.”

“Assam is a multi-lingual and multi-community state. Peace should get a chance in Assam,” he said.

“He is now here. I have a good relationship with him. I will meet him shortly,” he also said.

As regards to the cut-off date for granting citizenship, the chief minister maintained that he has been advocating for 1951 as the base year. “However, the Centre, state and AASU had signed the Assam Accord accepting 1971 as the cut-off year. But the view of the Assam government is not political view,” he added.