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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Landowners felicitated for donating land for free

Shullai hands over work orders worth Rs 5.86 cr for new roads


South Shillong legislator and minister Sanbor Shullai on Sunday thanked and expressed his appreciation to landowners who have donated their land for free for construction of various PWD motorable roads within Greater Lumparing area.

He was speaking at a function to felicitate 151 such landowners

The function was organised by Monitoring-cum-Implementation Committee 19th  South Shillong Constituency in collaboration with the Dorbar Shnong of Greater Lumparing area at Lumparing Indoor Sports Hall.

Shullai said the gesture of the landowners was a good example of humanity and generosity for others to follow.

He also expressed his sincere thanks to all members of Dorbar Shnong, the PWD department and the government for supporting his recommendation for the various projects meant for the welfare and interest of the people and for the future generation.

Apart from Shullai, who was the chief guest at the function, others present included guests of honour Doncaster Shabong, H B Wahlang and Shaiphar Wahlang of Rangbah Shnong.

The three guests of honour lauded the sustained efforts of the local MLA in bringing various kinds of developmental schemes, which have fulfilled the aspirations of the people of the Greater Lumparing area in particular and the people of 19th South Shillong Constituency in general.

On the occasion, Shullai handed over work orders worth Rs 5,86,13,000 sanctioned for construction of two new motorable roads to Doncaster Shabong and Ruston Shabong, secretary Shnong, in the presence of all Rangbah Dong and members of Dorbar Shnong, Lower Lumparing.

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