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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Law for All

By The Editor

Laws are rules framed by government for safety and protection of its citizens and people are also obliged to abide by rules and regulations laid down so that society can enjoy peace and freedom. For maintaining law and order there is law enforcement agency that does not discriminate law-breakers on the basis of position, caste or creed because law is same for all. Therefore, law enforcement personnel are regarded as men and women of high calibre and integrity who will not hesitate to obey orders or question them. Hence, from top to bottom different persons entrusted with great responsibility should be given free hand in dealing with problems without political interference from any quarters whatsoever. They too cannot cross limits laid down because victims are also entitled to the rights and privileges as per law otherwise it will attract watchful observation of human rights bodies. Nowadays, situation has changed considerably and younger generations facing numerous problems and hardships find it difficult to be on same wavelength of thought with their parents and elders who may finally decide to part ways with them to be on their own. At the same time, temptations from various quarters arise leading them to bite the bait and finally end up as criminals. These juvenile delinquents need special care and attention and no one should be given special favour on basis of family background.

Bombay High Court on September 20 directed Mumbai civic body to demolish unauthorised construction at Juhu area within two weeks noting that Union minister Narayan Rane did not abide by the law of the land. The minister has carried out large-scale unauthorised construction at his bungalow without any regard at all for the law and without any fear of penal action. Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) told the court that though application for permission to construct at minister’s bungalow was rejected yet he carried out the work of extension. Then in second application he pleaded for retention and regularisation of unauthorised work which is clear violation of the law and this tantamounts to arrogance and show of power. If such irregularities are ignored by the authorities and accepted then others also will be encouraged to evade the law and continue like-wise which surely will create chaos leading to law and order problem. High court was also astonished with the stand of BMC which earlier told the court that it was willing to hear second application for regularisation even as first application was rejected. If such be BMC’s attitude then any member of public in Mumbai city can behave in like manner.

Bombay High Court has demonstrated that no one is above the law and if anyone violates it then he or she is liable for prosecution no matter how high and mighty that person may be. In the mean time public leaders are expected to show respect to the law and law enforcement agency. Admittedly no one is perfect and so capable of making mistakes but the greatness of a person is when he or she admits them and then accordingly rectifies.

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