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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Lil Wayne can’t remember his own songs due to memory loss

Wayne, 40, added that his projects hold "no significance" to him "at all" since he does not remember them.

Los Angeles:

Rapper Lil Wayne’s life is a blur due to his bad memory. The New Orleans-born rapper revealed that he does not recall which of his own songs were part of which of his famous albums, as per reports.

“I don’t know ‘Tha Carter III’, ‘Tha Carter II’, ‘Tha Carter One’ from ‘Tha Carter IV’,” he told Rolling Stone. “And that’s just my God’s honest truth. You could lie, you could ask me (about) such and such a song, I would not even know what we are talking about.”

Wayne, 40, added that his projects hold “no significance” to him “at all” since he does not remember them.

As per reports, the ‘Lollipop’ rapper said his memory loss is so bad that he doesn’t even recall when his albums came out, noting ‘Tha Carter III’ as an example.

“That’s how much I don’t know,” Wayne shared before providing a possible explanation as to why his mind doesn’t recollect important facts. “I work every day, bro – every single day,” the “A Milli” rapper said. “And also, I always look at it as the curse part of the gift and the curse.”

Wayne said the trade-off of having a bad memory is that he was blessed with an “amazing mind” that is able to create such successful hits in the first place. IANS

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