Athiabari, Boko April 11: One of the most famous stars of the north east in the culinary world hailing from the Garo tribe, Miss Nambie Jessica Marak, who created a sensation across India by bagging the runners up position in the Masterchef India competition of 2023, has joined the NPP at a special function in Athiabari near Hahim in West Khasi Hills during an election meeting on Thursday.

Meghalaya Chief Minister, who was at the event, welcomed the masterchef into the party.

Renowned as a tribal chef with a huge fan following, she has been on a mission to empower girls in the rural areas to be financially strong encouraging them to tap their talent, providing them with skills and ideas, particularly on cuisines.

Nambie manages a YouTube channel – Eat Your Kappa – that showcases the diverse foods and cultures of Northeast India. In addition, she also makes various pickles at home, exporting them to locations worldwide, including Singapore, Paris, and the USA. Expressing her determination to expand pickle sales abroad, Nambie stressed her goal of empowering the women in her village through this business venture.

β€œMy aim is to empower women in my village through this business,” Nambie explained. β€œWhen I make pickles for business purposes, I involve all the girls in my village, allowing them to learn and achieve financial independence. I hope that after becoming the runner-up (MasterChef India), more opportunities will arise to grow my business, attracting more girls and women to join.”

Hailing from the picturesque and secluded village of Upper Rangsa, situated under the Rambrai-Jyrngam Legislative Assembly constituency in the West Khasi Hills district of Meghalaya, Nambie expressed regret over the lack of road access to her village. Nevertheless, she highlighted her dedication to showcasing the culinary wonders of Meghalaya and North East India to the broader audience.

Although a city girl born and raised in Shillong, Nambie returned to her village, abandoning her urban life to settle with her family. β€œToday, my villagers feel proud of me for introducing our village to the whole of India, and I, too, feel proud,” Nambie had said after being judged the runners up at the Masterchef competition.