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Sunday, May 26, 2024

MLCU celebrates 50th Statehood Day


As part of the 50th Statehood Day celebration of Meghalaya, Martin Luther Christian University (MLCU) recently organised an event highlighting several agendas including the waste scenario of the state and how it needs to be taken care of before it’s too late.’

While the event celebrated the many successes of the state, the students of the Department of Environment and Traditional Ecosystems gave a presentation on the stark reality of the waste scenario in Meghalaya, which needs to be highlighted and taken care of now before its too late.

The students presented on the dismal state of waste generation and management in the state. The students also listed steps that can help our state with waste management, which include the Himalayan Clean-Up movement and the Zero Waste movement.
The programme also pointed up the rich history of the state, the sacrifices made by many and the expectations for the future.

The event saw a blend of music, poetry recitations and role-play by students and faculty of
different departments of the university.

Speaking on the occasion the Chancellor of the University, Dr Glenn C Kharkongor accentuate that Meghalaya is one state which has actually gone backwards and where its people are poorer today than in 1947.

He added that the state prides itself in having intelligent, well-educated, talented people across the various fields of life yet somehow we have not been able to tap into these resources for the development in education, health, sports, arts and even governance. He concluded that the most important thing to do as concerned citizens of the state is to work together and pool in our resources and knowledge to improve the state as a whole.

The University also organised an essay writing contest on the topic, “50 Years Meghalaya: A journey thus far & my future expectation for positive changes”, Mebanialam Tang, Department of Politics & International Studies, Pondicherry University was the first prize winner while Bandashisha Rynjah, Dept of Tourism and Travel Management, Martin Luther Christian University bagged the second prize.

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