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Monday, March 4, 2024

Mukul Sangma tears into MDA government on border MoU with Assam

Speaking at a gathering at Dadenggre in West Garo Hills, the leader of the opposition vowed to scrap the MoU, fight against the BJP and other parties, who according to him are in hand and gloves with each other.


Leader of Opposition, Mukul Sangma on February 16 slammed the NPP led MDA government on several issues, including the border MoU with Assam, and vowed to scrap the agreement if voted to power.

Speaking at a gathering at Dadenggre in West Garo Hills, the leader of the opposition said, “We have a mission to bring back the lands we lost to Assam. During my tenure, we had refused to sign an agreement that gives our land to Assam, but this anti-people government signed the agreement and sold our precious lands,” Mukul told the gathering.

The TMC leader also attacked the BJP and Congress, who according to him are in hand and gloves with each other.

Alerting the people of Dadenggre to stay away from the vicious agenda of the BJP, the Meghalaya TMC leader said, “Our Meghalaya is under threat as the draconian laws that imposed on other states by the BJP government, will soon reach our beautiful hill state.”

Emphasizing the need to stay vigilant from the activities of BJP, Sangma said, “The Central government sitting in Delhi abrogated Article 370 to fulfill their vested interests. The article was a weapon for the indigenous people to preserve their land as it legally obstructed others to own land in the state. The Modi-led BJP government works against the will of the people. Many leaders from Kashmir including the former Chief Ministers were arrested during the persecution. We must stay united and vigilant of such nefarious activities.”

Calling out Congress for playing a hand in gloves with the concealed conspiracy of the BJP, the Leader of the Opposition said, “There is a hidden agenda behind this and we cannot stay as mute spectators. We need to fight against this abominable force. TMC is the only party in the country that has emerged as a formidable force to wage a battle against BJP. Congress has also become a part of this agenda, compromising on their beliefs.”

Alleging that the NPP-led MDA government squandered funds allocated for the District Council, Mukul said, “While campaigning for the District Council election, I alerted the youth to stay awake. Did the NPP-led MDA government give any heed or importance to the District Council? We need to bring back the lost honour of the District Council that was sabotaged by this ruling dispensation. It has been more than 30 months and this corrupt government hasn’t paid salaries. MDCs haven’t received their salaries since 2019 for a single month. This corrupt-ridden government has only successfully squandered the funds.”

The event was also attended by TMC candidate from Dadenggre Rupa M Marak, along with other TMC leaders Ismail R Marak, Jengga Jilenga M Marak, Mickel G Momin, Boaz Marak, Grenillin M Marak, Therisa A Sangma, Levastone T Sangma, and Augustine D Marak.

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