Mukul Sangma


Trinamool Congress (TMC) leader Mukul Sangma, on February 18, held three back-to-back meetings in Gambegre, Rongara Siju and Raksamgre in Garo Hills, where he attacked BJP for terming Meghalaya as a ‘corrupt’ state.

Rebutting Home Minister Amit Shah’s comment at Rongara Siju, Mukul said, “Yesterday, Home Minister Amit Shah said Meghalaya is the most corrupt state. Did you listen to that? People from all over the world heard as his speech was broadcast on TV, and on BBC. Did you like our beautiful state to be called corrupt? I urge everyone who didn’t like Amit Shah’s remark must unite now and vote for a change.”

Similarly, addressing a gathering at Gambegre, Mukul launched a scathing attack on the incumbent NPP-led MDA government over massive corruption, and said, “Everyone knows the amount of corruption this government was engrossed in, whether it was rice scam, smart meter scam, or the police vehicle scam, the list goes on. And now, Mr. Shah is terming the entire state as corrupt because of this corrupt government’s deeds of which they were a part, not us. One can see the hypocrisy clearly.”

Questioning the NPP led MDA government, he further alleged, “There’s a long list of scams perpetrated by the NPP-led MDA government, in which BJP is a part of, where BJP leaders were a part of the ministry. Were they only watching the scams sitting idle? They were the ones who formed the government in 2018 and ever since then, they were hands in gloves with the government in every scam, why did they keep quiet?”, he further questioned.

Speaking at the final event in Raksamgre, Mukul urged the people to unite for the love of the state, and said, “We all love Garo Hills and we love Meghalaya our beautiful state. Whose state, is it? It is our state. If Meghalaya fades and gets a bad name in the face of the whole world, will you be happy? No, right, so let’s unite for a change and bring back the glorious days of our state.”

“We have been raising our voice over the blatant corruption in the state from the past 2 to 3 years, and even wrote to the PMO for an inquiry but nothing happened just because every party in the MDA coalition were engrossed in it.”, Mukul alleged.