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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Nearer and Better

By The Editor

Government eager to sincerely help its people, first and foremost ought to deeply understand their problems and then try to bring administration nearer to them for convenience and easy access to different developmental schemes which will indeed uplift their living standard and quality of life. Officers and staff should next interact with people of respective areas in order to find their needs and aspirations so that assistance can be effectively rendered. Population increase, change in lifestyle, rising unemployment, tough competition among job-seekers, lack of opportunities, ignorance of modern avenues, social problems, etc. are taking heavy tall on people’s lives especially educated youths who feel frustrated and finally go astray. But once opportunities come their way surely they will grasp them and improve their lot and will also inspire others. Gene Brown rightly stated, “Today’s opportunities erase yesterday’s failures”.

When Meghalaya emerged as full-fledged state on January 21, 1972 there were only two districts, namely, United Khasi and Jaintia Hills (UK & J. Hills) and Garo Hills and population was just over a million as per 1971 census. There were only two civil subdivisions namely, Shillong and Jowai. Fifty years later it has increased to 12 districts and population is approaching the four million mark. So it is right and proper that administrative units of different levels be created to bring administration nearer for convenience and welfare of people in different parts of the state. For any developmental schemes which are increasing with passage of time, people can easily and comfortably approach government offices and departments located nearby without spending much time and energy not excluding expenses. Latest news that Jengjal region of West Garo Hills district will be upgraded by the MDA (Meghalaya Democratic Alliance) government into new civil subdivision probably by second week of January 2023 is indeed heartening for people of the area and its suburbs which will be welcomed with pleasure and delight as New Year’s gift. If so, Jengjal will become the fourth civil subdivision in Garo Hills after Dadenggre, Raksamgre and Chokpot.

Jengjal is strategically located along National Highway making it accessible from various nearby villages which will become an economic hub in days to come. From Jengjal one can travel down to North Garo Hills and Assam, turn left towards Williamnagar in the East and Siju-Baghmara in the West and beyond, proceeding further to Ampati, Dalu reaching till the international border with Bangladesh. During these last few years, Jengjal has fastly developed becoming mega health centre with collaboration of medical team of the Seventh Day Adventist Church linked with the famous Christian Medical College (CMC), Vellore. CMC doctors in Jengjal have been serving the sick and needy at practically no cost and are great attraction for expectant mothers and children. It is hoped that in future Jengjal will greatly develop and serve as an example to other neighbouring areas.

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