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Saturday, April 13, 2024

NEAU initiates unique waste management initiative in campus


The first-of-its-kind waste management initiative in the state, the North Eastern Adventist University (NEAU) in collaboration with the Society of Urban and Rural Empowerment (SURE) and supported by Swachh Bharat Mission Urban, Shillong, conducted waste characterisation at the University Campus.

The waste characterisation was conducted by the volunteers of the university under the supervision of Wompher Shadap Subject Capacity Building Specialist, SBM Urban PMU, Urban Affairs Department, Shillong, Sharon Syiem MBA Waste Management, Shantilang Diengdoh of Infinity Solution, Niwanka Shylla, Banisha Lamar, Marleki Dhar and Isakani Susngi from SURE.

Wompher Shadap, while briefing the team said that conducting waste characterization is necessary to provide the baseline of the kinds of waste and the amount of waste generated from the University.

Shadap also said that the study will help them determine the kind of intervention that is needed in the management of waste at the University. The characterization of waste is also a scientific approach to waste management, which will provide us with the necessary data for future interventions.

Job Kawlni, a professor at the University who is in charge of the initiative, said that the waste used for characterization today was collected from the selected quarters, the different hostels, kitchens of the hostels, and the cafeterias.

The waste collected was generated in two days from these different units of the University. Job also said that the University has decided to start the management of waste on the campus, and support from the Jowai Municipal Board was also sought by the University.

The project, which started with an awareness campaign last May 4, where Wompher Shadap of SBM, Urban Area, Shillong, and Dr. H.H. Mohrmen, Secretary of SURE, were the resource persons.

The University then, under the leadership of the Vice-Chancellor Dr Paul Bhaggyien and supported by Dr Jemima M. Marak, took a decision to embark on this important project with the support of the two partner organizations.

On November 17, a training session for the volunteers of the University and the staff of SURE was conducted by Wompher Shadap through video conferencing.

Dr. H.H. Mohrmen said that part of the plan is to request a small waste recovery centre (WRC) at the University campus, and the management of the University is ready to allot a plot of land for the same.

He also said that SURE is very happy to partner with the University on this very important initiative, which is like a pilot project, and could also serve as a model for other gated communities.

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