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It has been observed that the people of our state are protesting against the mandatory vaccination drives organised by the government, stating that involuntary vaccination is a violation of their fundamental rights. This is not only misleading, but it also takes them away from their rights to better health and prosperity and most importantly, it takes away the right to a better future.

We often wish for change and development within our state, but the ground reality is that most of us defy and resist such change and development when brought upon us. Later on, we end up playing the blame game and sitting on regrets. Let us stop living like we are still in the past centuries and move on like liberals taking our freedom fightersā€™ vision and hope along and be open to changes instead of advocating and promoting such poor leadership.
It is our duty as citizens to look after our beloved state. It is our duty to protect it from going down. Let us not waste our freedom fightersā€™ energy of attaining statehood to go to waste. It has been 50 years! 50 Golden years. Itā€™s time we act accordingly rather than dwell upon baseless facts. We as liberals should make way for the people to gain access to the right information, as this could possibly save many lives.

To conclude, I sincerely hope that the people with more power will be able to step up their leadership skills and lead the people in a much more liberal manner and for the people of the state to be open to change.

C. Lyngwa Rapthap