The Syiem of Raid Marwet, Arun Ken Syiem, on September 30, called upon non-tribal shop owners within his jurisdiction who currently lack trading licenses to convene at his office in 9th Mile Baridua. According to Syiem, these businesses are required to secure the permission of the KHADC (Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council) to continue operations. Non-compliant shop owners were given a firm directive to apply for licenses or they would potentially face a temporary closure of their shops until proper licenses are obtained.

The meeting included EM of Trade, Gigur Myrthong, and Gabriel Wahlang, an MLA and MDC of Nongstoin. Non-tribal shop owners expressed their willingness to align with the directives put forward by Myrthong and Syiem Raid. However, a few among them mentioned that they had applied for licenses but had not received them yet, while others voiced their concerns about the substantial fees associated with trading licenses.

In response to these concerns, Myrthong stated that the delay in obtaining trading licenses might be attributed to documentation issues. He also assured the group that he would investigate the claims regarding high license fees. Furthermore, he made a commitment to carefully assess the situations of those with shops in border areas, acknowledging their crucial role in state border protection.