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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

NPP youths back new GHADC CEM


Peeved with the manner in which opponents of the new CEM of GHADC have been spreading false stories and rumours questioning his identity, supporters of Rakesh A Sangma, particularly the youth members of the NPP from Babelapara have extended their support to him pointing out to critics that he is an elected representative of the people.

“Today, opponents of our MDC Rakesh A Sangma question his tribal status because he has now been elected CEM in a fair election. When he was elected Chairman of GHADC last year they (opponents) did not regard him as a non-Garo? Now that he has become the CEM he has suddenly become non-Garo?” asked NPP youth members in a press statement on Tuesday evening.

They also pointed out that Rakesh Sangma contested the Babelapara tribal seat in the MDC election and won it fair and square. “How could he have contested from a tribal seat of Babelapara in Purakhasia if he was not a tribal. Surely the election commission would have struck down his candidature. He has won the peoples’ mandate from Babelapara,” clarified NPP youth members.

They also pointed out to council history that this is not the first time a no-confidence motion to remove a sitting CEM has takennplace and questioned the motive behind opponents stirring controversy.

“Rakesh Sangma has been rightfully elected under the Constitution of India from Babelapara and won the CEM election as per the election guidelines. We support him completely and condemn those trying to malign his image and the image of every voter
of Babelapara who has endorsed his leadership,” announced the NPP youth wing.


The first day of work under the new administration of CEM Rakesh A Sangma witnessed a thin attendance with many employees staying away from work over boycott calls given by some pressure groups in Tura that are opposing the new set up.

Most departments of the district council had zero attendance at work and only officers could be seen functioning in the main administrative block of the GHADC.

The account’s section of the council witnessed just a handful of employees while others like the treasury, forest and taxation were completely empty of staff during the working hours.
The walls of the GHADC were also found smeared with graffiti overnight targeting the newly elected CEM Rakesh A Sangma.


On the allegation of nepotism behind the election of the new GHADC chief Rakesh Sangma, the chief minister said that the state government tries to stay away from internal matters of the GHADC as it is an autonomous body. “There was no question of any interference from my side. I have only facilitated the entire process by being the president of the party and that was my only role to play in that,” he said. Sangma said the members of the district council had recently met him and expressed that they would like to change the leadership.

When asked, Sangma said there are many issues regarding the style of functioning and in regards to the overall financial issues that were there in the council.

“The fact that there were some funds that were diverted from tied funds was diverted for other purposes. These kinds of things led to a bit of concern among them. I played my role as president to ensure the NPP was stable but the rest of the decision was
made by the MDCs,” he said.


Chief minister Conrad K Sangma has told the media that the state government will continue to support the GHADC innstreamlining its working and helping with payment of salaries.

“As a government we would like to continue supporting the GHADC streamline its working and like we have supported them in the past to pay salaries and other arrears, we will continue to support this new Executive Committee also,” said chief minister
Conrad K Sangma.


Chief minister Conrad K Sangma has said that the disciplinary committee of the party would decide on what action will be taken in regards to rebel NPP MDC and MLA of Raksamgre Benedic R Marak who was ousted from the CEM post for siding with the
opposition Trinamool Congress. “It’s not for me to take a call, there’s a disciplinary committee of the party that will work on the process and whatever has to be done, it will be the disciplinary committee that will take the action,” said Conrad Sangma to media persons.

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