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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Political gimmick leading up to 2024 Lok Sabha elections


The sudden notification on recruitment of young lads between ages of 17 years and 23 years through what we now know is the Angipath scheme is facing commotion and law and order problems across the country.

The concept of Tour of Duty has been ill-conceived by the powers in Delhi without understanding the psychological implications of young people who would rather find themselves in the lurch after four years of “glorious” service to the nation and with a package of nearly Rs 12 lakh in hand to seek better pastures and out of which only 25 per cent would be selected to join the mainstream armed forces is illogical.

For example how would an Angniveer who is inducted into the air force undertake a technical training in aircraft maintenance who by the time he finishes or completes the entire training and internship programme be of no use with very little years left in his hand before even getting inducted into a squadron? The same also goes for those vying for the Navy which is all the more advanced with hi-tech machines and engineering.

The summary is the entire exercise is just another plain and simple political gimmick to attract votes for 2024 general elections just as the prime minister promised Rs fifteen lakh in every citizen’s account, none have received even fifteen rupees. Period.

Dominic Stadlin Wankhar

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