Portrait of a Willow Woman


The film Portrait of a Willow Woman by Tura born director Supriya Prasad Rauniar that has been receiving rave reviews from audiences across the globe has been selected for screening at the prestigious Nehru Centre in London, United Kingdom, on October 12.

“The film is playing as part of the Exhibition: The 8 Sisters Meet, Celebrating North East India in association with the Women of North East India Support Network,” said director Supriya Prasad Rauniar. In addition to the film, the exhibition will also host a display of fine arts, sculpture, painting, photography, print and installations with the aim to showcase the rich cultural heritage of the diverse communities belonging to the Northeast region.

The filmmaker, born and brought up in Tura, is a former engineer who completed a screenwriting course at the Film and Television Institute of India, Pune (FTII). Armed with the knowledge she had gained in FTII and a love for storytelling, she dove headfirst into her first venture in filmmaking.

Supriya Prasad Rauniar

Portrait of a Willow Woman paints the life of Deeptimoni Hajong, an old indigenous woman from an obscure village in Meghalaya who lives without remorse and clings to traditional healing practices, beliefs, and dreams. Memories and myths that have been passed on through generations are made accessible to the present and what began for the filmmaker as a search for Deeptimoni leaves her longing for more.

Following in the footsteps of her predecessors from the North East, Rauniar single-handedly shot and directed the film. Her hard work paid off as she bagged ‘The Best First Time Female Director’ award as well as the runner up in the ‘Best Documentary’ category at the Out of the Can International Film Festival held in Nottingham, UK, last year.

The film has been part of the official selection for several prestigious international film festivals such as the Indian Film Festival of Stuttgart, Indian Film Festival of Melbourne, Indian film festival of Cincinnati, Ohio, Film South Asia, Nepal, Tasveer South Asian Film Festival, Award Winner at UK fest etc.