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Ranveer Singh: Want to be the first at trying something that hasn’t been done before

Bollywood livewire star Ranveer Singh, who will next be seen in films such as Jayeshbhai Jordaar, Cirkus and Rocky Aur Rani Ki Prem Kahani, reveals that he wants to be the first at trying something path-breaking and be the best actor of the country.

Ranveer said: “Right now I am becoming obsessed with this craft. I want to play more with it and want to explore more, so yes right now its burning like a blazing inferno wanting to do more and see what the possibilities are. Do things that haven’t been done before.”

“There was a very dear, very respected and admired colleague of mine who after 83 pointed out that if you are analysed – there is no reference for you actually. A mainstream leading man of Hindi cinema doesn’t really go this distinctively into different characters and then you have this off-screen persona that also has no reference.”

Ranveer shared: “So, I think I am doing something that I may not have done before and therefore I am achieving what I want to achieve which is doing things which haven’t been done before.”

The actor says this is a journey of exploring this craft.
“Let me be the first of trying something that hasn’t been tried before because I’m now deeply attached to the process which is the ultimate prize.”

After Ranveer completed a decade in cinema, he felt like he knew nothing about the craft and needed to explore himself.

He says: “I really have evolved as a person and as an artist. Initially I was very cocky. I used to think I know it all and I am invincible. Now, over the period of time, as I started doing more work and started collaborating with more people like Mr Bhansali, who break you down.”

“They’ll completely decimate these constructs that you’ve made for yourself thinking that these are the boundaries of acting. It’s after gaining a certain amount of experience that I realised that performance art, craft of acting is limitless and infinite. There is no extent of how you can transform yourself into another character.”

Ranveer added: “It’s now 10 years down the line that I feel like I don’t know anything. That I have barely scratched the surface of the potential of this. With every film, with every collaborator, with every passing year, I continue more and more and I have realised that there is no end to even learning.”

“There is no end to exploring the possibilities of this realm – performance art and the craft of acting. It is limitless, you can just about do anything.”

Talking about his ‘creative appetite’, Ranveer said: “I am like ravenous. I want to see how deep this rabbit hole goes and keep doing more of the same. And I am probably at the hungriest right now.”

“It’s like 10 years of work you might feel let’s pull your foot off the pedal, maybe live life a little, create the work-life balance. But right now, I feel I’m just starting and I’m hungry for more.” (IANS)

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