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Saturday, September 30, 2023

Ready to join BJP if ILP is implemented in Meghalaya: Saleng Sangma


Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) state chief Saleng A Sangma on January 19 said he is ready to join the BJP if the government at the centre implements the Inner Line Permit (ILP) in Meghalaya.

 “If they (BJP) can bring ILP now itself, maybe I will be ready to join the BJP also,” Saleng told journalists when asked about the delay of the Centre to give its decision on the ILP resolution passed by the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly.

 Stating that the delay is just a “political gimmick”, he said this is because right now the BJP is at the centre and if they have the will they can even do it now.

 “(As of now) it seems like they (BJP) are quite reluctant (to give ILP). You can see that when Amit Shah and a few representatives from the Ministry came (to Shillong) and met our NGOs and government officials. (From) their facial expression and attitude towards our state, I don’t know whether we will get ILP or not,” Saleng added.

 He however urged the BJP leaders to pressurize their party at the centre to ensure Meghalaya gets ILP at the earliest.  

 Meanwhile, the NCP state chief lauded Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma for taking bold decisions on various important issues including ILP and boundary dispute with Assam.

 He was reacting to the recent allegation of Congress chief Vincent H Pala that because the Chief Minister is “too weak”, the centre is delaying taking a call on ILP.

 “Pala has a different view and idea whereas I am a different person and I have a different view and moreover I am with the MDA, I cannot comment on that. (But) at least Conrad K Sangma as a CM is trying to take steps to do something or the other. For example on ILP he has taken a step by taking a resolution, even the border issue, he has taken a resolution – he is taking some steps whether he gets it or not that is another question,” Saleng said. 

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