Khun Hynniewtrep National Awakening Movement (KHNAM) general secretary Thomas Passah


Khun Hynniewtrep National Awakening Movement (KHNAM) vice president Thomas Passah, on May 19, said that the State Reservation Policy (SRP) was supposed to be reviewed after 15 years since the day of its implementation, however that has not been done till date.

Speaking to media persons after walking out from the all-party meeting to discuss the roster system Passah said, “Now it is 51 years, and it has not been reviewed. If the government is shying away from discussing the SRP, it is not logical and correct. The situation back in 1972 and now is different, and if we go by the SRP, then I would like to ask why Khasi-Jaintias have 40 % reservation combined and Garos have 40%. This question was asked for the first time by our first chief minister himself on January 28, 1972.”

Stating that the reservation was supposed to be based on population, Passah said that this fact was not kept in mind that the population of Khasi-Jaintia was more.

“But the justification given was as per the government, there are very few Garos working in various departments, therefore it was made 40-40. The Roster system will ensure that there are equal Garos and equal Khasi-Jaintias employed in various departments. If it is like that, then we have to change the 40-40 ratio,” he said.

He maintained that the 40-40 was given stating that Garo communities are very less, but the roster system will ensure equal number of Garos, therefore reservation policy has to be looked into.

“The ratio of 40-40 has been solved, now let’s go to population, and change the ratio, that is how it has to be done. Therefore, we want to discuss more on the SRP,” he said.