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Sunday, May 26, 2024

Sitting MP of Shillong seat Vincent Pala ranks 8th richest Candidate in India with ₹125+ Crores

Shillong, April 15: According to the recent analysis done by Association of Democratic Reforms (ADR), the sitting MP and Congress Candidate of Shillong Parliamentary seat, Vincent H Pala ranks 8th richest MP candidate in India in the first phase of the Lok Sabha elections with assets of ₹1,25,81,59,331 crores.
The analysis shows that MP Pala holds over ₹2,51,59,331 crores movable assets and ₹1,23,30,00,000 immovable assets.
The four times MP from Congress won the first Lok Sabha election in 2009. Before joining politics, Pala served as the Asst. Chief Engineer, Public Works Department, Government of Meghalaya from 2000-2008.
Meanwhile, the incumbent MP of Tura, Agatha Sangma has immovable property which included several bank accounts, vehicles and Gold totalling ₹52,78,453. She also owns land and houses worth ₹2,87,17,525.
In the recent data by ADR, Former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath’s son, Nakul Nath, has emerged as the richest candidate.
Nath contesting from Chhindwara, has declared assets worth Rs 716 crore.
Following Nakul Nath, AIADMK’s Ashok Kumar from Erode, Tamil Nadu, is the second richest candidate with assets worth Rs 662 crore. BJP’s Dhevanathan Yadav T, contesting from Sivaganga, Tamil Nadu, ranks third with assets worth Rs 304 crore.
Below is the complete list of the top 10 wealthiest MP candidates:  
1.Nakul Nath (Madhya Pradesh)
•Constituency: Chhindwara
•Party: Congress
•Movable Assets: Rs 6,68,86,18,696
•Immovable Assets: Rs 48,07,86,443
•Total Assets: Rs 7,16,94,05,139 (716 Crore+)
2.Ashok Kumar (Tamil Nadu)
•Constituency: Erode
•Party: AIADMK
•Movable Assets: Rs 5,73,91,87,500
•Immovable Assets: Rs 88,55,00,000
•Total Assets: Rs 6,62,46,87,500 (662 Crore+)
3.Dhevanathan Yadav (Tamil Nadu)
•Constituency: Sivaganga
•Party: BJP
•Movable Assets: Rs 2,53,67,95,456
•Immovable Assets: Rs 51,24,26,224
•Total Assets: Rs 3,04,92,21,680 (304 Crore+)
4.Mala Rajya Lakshmi Shah (Uttarakhand)
•Constituency: Tehri Garhwal
•Party: BJP
•Movable Assets: Rs 55,30,39,424
•Immovable Assets: Rs 1,51,57,00,000
•Total Assets: Rs 2,06,87,39,424 (206 Crore+)
5.Majid Ali (Uttar Pradesh)
•Constituency: Saharanpur
•Party: BSP
•Movable Assets: Rs 94,56,67,697
•Immovable Assets: Rs 65,02,32,382
•Total Assets: Rs 1,59,59,00,079 (159 Crore+)
6.Ac Shanmugam (Tamil Nadu)
•Constituency: Vellore
•Party: BJP
•Movable Assets: Rs 73,88,32,180
•Immovable Assets: Rs 78,89,54,638
•Total Assets: Rs 1,52,77,86,818 (152 Crore+)
7.Jayaprakash (Tamil Nadu)
•Constituency: Krishnagiri
•Party: AIADMK
•Movable Assets: Rs 13,68,09,428
•Immovable Assets: Rs 1,22,10,05,000
•Total Assets: Rs 1,35,78,14,428 (135 Crore+)
8.Vincent H. Pala (Meghalaya)
•Constituency: Shillong (ST)
•Party: Congress
•Movable Assets: Rs 2,51,59,331
•Immovable Assets: Rs 1,23,30,00,000
•Total Assets: Rs 1,25,81,59,331 (125 Crore+)
9.Jyoti Mirdha (Rajasthan)
•Constituency: Nagaur
•Party: BJP
•Movable Assets: Rs 36,07,69,825
•Immovable Assets: Rs 66,54,19,075
•Total Assets: Rs 1,02,61,88,900 (102 Crore+)
10.Karti P Chidambaram (Tamil Nadu)
•Constituency: Sivaganga
•Party: Congress
•Movable Assets: Rs 42,53,10,428
•Immovable Assets: Rs 53,74,33,620
•Total Assets: Rs 96,27,44,048 (96 Crore+)

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