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Friday, May 24, 2024

STEM exhibition at Myngken Christian HS school wows visitors

The exhibition featured a wide range of avant-garde works that sparked visitors' interest and enthusiasm. The projects created by students in grades three through twelve demonstrated their ingenuity and enthusiasm for STEM disciplines.


The Myngken Christian Higher Secondary School, in collaboration with the Smart Village Movement and Curiosity Gym, hosted an outstanding STEM Exhibition on August 24.

The event, which was conducted on the school grounds, attracted the attention of several dignitaries, including Manish Kumar, Assistant Commissioner of the Ri Bhoi district and Swapnil Tembe, Director of School Education and Literacy. The event was also attended by enthusiastic kids and instructors from seven nearby schools.

The exhibition featured a wide range of avant-garde works that sparked visitors’ interest and enthusiasm. The projects created by students in grades three through twelve demonstrated their ingenuity and enthusiasm for STEM disciplines.

The exhibition displayed the astounding depth and breadth of young talent, ranging from basic ideas like open and closed circuits, water, balloon, rocket, and bottle hand fans to more complex endeavors like powered toy cars, rubber boats, maze games, magic cards, 3D printing marvels, robot cars, and shape-in-shape explorations.

The exhibition featured a gathering of great young minds who displayed their innovative inventions and discoveries. It served as a monument to the school’s commitment to improving STEM education and nurturing creativity. The 11 a.m. start time gave pupils a chance to showcase their originality, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. STEM education is crucial in today’s environment as technology gets more and more ingrained in our daily lives. The subjects known collectively as STEM—Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics—provide students with the knowledge and abilities needed in the modern workforce.

Students in Meghalaya have difficulties in math, science, and technology, according to our in-depth interviews with students, educators, and government stakeholders. According to a survey on the value of math and science, more than 72% of students find these disciplines challenging. For a number of reasons, math and science support is crucial in this situation. Many professions and careers, including engineering, medicine, and technology, are built on these areas.

The government and UC Berkeley are collaborating on the Smart Village Movement program to support technological advancements across a range of industries. For this STEM pilot project, Curiosity Gym and Smart Village Movement established INNOVATION HUBS at two outlying schools in Meghalaya. Students have the opportunity to learn through experience thanks to the pilot program that was launched in collaboration with the ed-tech startup Curiosity Gym. This pilot program aims to increase students’ exposure to and enjoyment of math and science by teaching them real-world applications. This will increase students’ interest in STEM areas and their desire to pursue them.

The “Innovation Hubs” will provide students with access to cutting-edge materials and tools, such as robotics and IoT kits, 3D printing and designing tools, and other STEM components. These tools will help kids learn and comprehend challenging STEM subjects through immersive, hands-on experiential learning that is both engaging and thrilling.

Swapnil Tembe talking about STEM Innovation Hub in his speech to students said, “Please make use of this brilliant asset created for you. I really liked the students’ exhibits. Many exhibitions don’t have good explanations. Today we saw class 3, 4 students being able to explain as well as relate it to what’s happening around them. The idea is to see how we use technology to solve problems in our life. I hope this can be done in every school. We will work together with the Smart Village Movement to see how we can expand this.”

Ramkumar S, Nodal Officer of SVM Meghalaya, emphasised that “exposure to STEM establishes a strong foundation for building diverse interests and skill sets. This pilot initiated by Smart Village Movement in alliance with UC Berkeley brings opportunities within schools to empower students in the state to develop their knowledge and abilities in STEM subjects.”

“We are grateful for the overwhelming support from our teachers, students, Smart Village Movement and Curiosity Gym which has allowed us to organise this successful STEM Exhibition,” expressed E.Pyngrope, Principal at Myngken Christian Higher Secondary School. “This event has truly demonstrated the potential of our students, and we are excited to continue nurturing their talents and guiding them towards a bright future. With the support of the education department and from the government we believe more such opportunities can be created. As it is not for school’s fame but for the benefit of the students”

The importance of igniting a passion for STEM education and creativity among young students was highlighted by the honorable dignitaries, educationalists, and community members who attended the exhibition. In addition to honoring Myngken Christian Higher Secondary School’s accomplishments, the event acted as motivation for students all throughout the state to pursue academic success and creativity.



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