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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

‘Stop tarnishing our Agitok clan with false claims’


Coming out strongly in support of their clan member and newly elected CEM of GHADC Rakesh A Sangma, the Agitok clan from Boldamgre have issued a public statement urging upon the pressure groups to stop the tarnishing of their clan and its member with unsubstantiated claims.

x`On Thursday, during the first day of the bandh call given by the GSU, FKJGP, ADE, AYWO and FAF groups in Garo Hills, members of the Agitok clan held a meeting at Boldamgre village of South West Garo Hills- birth place of CEM Rakesh A Sangma’s mother Gracie Margareth Aghitok Sangma, to denounce the ongoing attack on their clan member.

“These ongoing attacks questioning the ethnicity of Rakesh are not just an insult on him and his family but the entire Agitok clan as well. We condemn the attack and the questioning of Rakesh’s ethnicity without any basis. Those who have any doubts should contact our clan,” stated the Agitok mahari in their public statement, a copy of which has been obtained by The Meghalayan.

They pointed out that Rakesh’s mother Gracie Margareth is the fourth daughter of Late Winington M Marak and Late Idini Agitok Sangma and was born in Boldamgre village, 8 kms from Ampati. She finished her education from the prestigious and oldest girls missionary run school-Tura Christian Girls and happens to be a daughter of the Agitok clan by virtue of her mother being an Agitok Sangma.

“Rakesh is the eldest son of Gracie Margareth A Sangma and was born in Tura civil hospital in 1982. He completed his schooling in Tura and passed out his graduation from Guwahati Commerce College. He is married to the grand-daughter of former GHADC CEM Late Bhimsing R Marak,” stated the Agitok clan in a detailed communiqué released to the public to clarify on the ongoing allegations targeting their son.

They questioned on what basis those opposed to him are raking up his tribal status when the records prove that his mother is a tribal from the Agitok clan which makes Rakesh a member of the Agitok mahari according to Garo matrilineal system.

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